Operating Room Analysis

The inspection of  the anesthesia delivery systems guarantees the best safety for all operating-room personnel and the right management of the equipments.
This is why the Italian Workplace Compensation Board (INAIL) has set specific inspection procedures intended to protect workers from  waste anesthetic gases exposure, which, we know, has short and long-term toxic effects on health.

Veram ltd has the trained personnel and the right equipment to check the waste anesthetic gases exposure in ORs, according to the above-mentioned State Agency’s procedures, dated November 2009.
Right now we are offering our service to five hundreds operating rooms in seven different italian regions.
We also give our support in the processes of ORs validation & extra-ordinary mainteinance to assure the systems well-functioning.
Veram Ltd has also acquired experience to perform validation tests in cleanrooms according to the pharmacopoeia and ISO 14644 Standards.

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