Hazard of call centres headset (acoustic injury)

It is estimated that almost 70.000 people in Italy work in call centres.
One of the possible physical hazards in the call-handling industry is the acoustic shock injury caused by  acoustic incidents, that is a sudden noise transmitted through the headset.

This is a very complex issue because the assessment of this kind of risk is not calculable through the existing OHS guidelines.
It’s the employers’ duty however to evaluate this risk according to the regulations (UNI standards: UNI9432:2011; UNI EN ISO 9612:2011 ; UNI EN ISO 11904-2 ; UNI / TR 11450)
Some  studies have demonstrated the evidence of acoustic shock injury and the related increase of hypoacusis in call center’s operators: one more reason for employers to perform the due risk assessment.

Veram ltd, whose mission is following the developments in Occupational Hygiene and keeping its risk assessment activities up to date on the technological progress, having gained experience with very important national clients, uses the measurement method called manikin-tecnique.

Our equipment, according to the regulations, is conformed to ITU P58 and regularly calibrated.